Episode 292

#293 - All About Print Materials


March 9th, 2022

1 hr 5 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

On today's episode of the podcast Michelle connects with the lovely Claire White, owner of White Ink Calligraphy. Listen in as Claire answers all those questions you want answers to about any type of print material you're going to need for your wedding.

Claire White puts pen to paper in Nashville Tennessee and has been serving the wedding industry for five years. White Ink started out as a calligraphy studio and has recently expanded to offering full invitation services, graphic design and printing services. White Ink assists their clients with wedding details from Save the Dates to the place cards at their wedding reception, and everything in between.

Big Takeaways

From Chava: Any tips for creating your own invitation/invitation suites? We want to design the invitation ourselves but how to best execute once we have the design. What card stock would you recommend? Any specifics on how to utilize a cricut?

If you are thinking of getting a cricut for the first time for your wedding, don’t do it.They are complicated. If you are used to using them, go for it! 110lbs or heavier for card stock. Anything with texture will look more lux. Have a candid conversation with your printer about what kind of paper they can use. Local printers are usually focused more on large print projects, and less on small ones. DIY will be a lot more time. And sometimes will end with you spending a lot more money than having ordered out because there will be trouble shooting along the way.

From Anamaria: Ways to save money on custom invitations.
Ask the stationer if they have semi-customdesignsavailable.
While white ink doesn’t offer semi-custom, you can find old designs you like and have them work with that which does decrease cost.

From Hope: What is the best way to find postage that will compliment your invitation suite without the ability to customize stamps? Do you ever have issues with return addresses printed on the back of envelopes being sent back instead of to the intended recipient because it isn’t on the front in the upper left hand corner?

The post office releases new postage fairly frequently. When something comes out of rotation, it becomes ‘vintage’. You can find vintage postage through Etsy, or other places online. Be
careful! There is counterfeit postage going around! Always put the invitation return address on the back flap. Make it smaller font than the mailing address. It shouldn’t ever get sent to the return address.

From Brigit: The whole USPS mailing process. Anything we should know about weight/stamps/ hand canceling (I know I've heard that term before but think it's more expensive??)

Hand canceling stops the post office from running it through their machine with the barcode, but it doesn’t guarantee it won’t happen in another office. Some offices require extra postage
for a wax seal or hand canceling. If it’s just a cardinan envelope, put one stamp. If it has multiple things inside, put two stamps to just be safe.

From Laura: What’s the best way to address invites in the modern age?
Re: lots of married friends who did not take their partner’s name + which names comes first + including kids?

The rules of etiquette are a little bit behind when it comes to modern addressing. Don’t lose sleep over it.

More formal: list the male first. Friend is the female but lives with a male: list the female first.
Mr. __ and Mrs. ___ is okay. How formal do you want to be? There are a million different
right answers.

The etiquette rules can change from address to address.

From Amber: What recommendations do you have for seating chart styles and formats (ex. Grouped by tables or alphabetically) in light of Covid and higher likelihood of people not being able to come last minute and maybe needing to shuffle some people around. Especially for outdoor weddings where escort cards are likely to fly away.

If you are worried about your escort cards flying away, talk with your wedding planner to come up with solutions. If you have a seating chart listed alphabetically by last name, it is easier to change. When it’s put by table, it is much harder to change last minute. Michelle loves first name, last initial, then table number. If you have to have it by table, you should have a smaller guest count.

From Jessica: Recommendations on what information to actually include on the invites/inserts? -


From Natasha: What's the etiquette for sending out 2 different invitations? One set for the bride's family and a different one for the groom's side. I feel like certain family members need to be told specific things and others do not.

You are hosting a wedding for these guests. You don’t have to explain things in different terminology for different guests. If you have to, you can make it a text. - Make it super clear on your website.

From Nika: Any advice on mailing invites abroad? My save the dates took 6 weeks to get to parts of Europe.

If you have a beautiful suite you want to stay pretty and get there in a reasonable time, put it in a flat mailer and mail it with more postage as a parcel. - SenditUSPS.

From Manda: Do I have to include physical rsvps or can I just have people go online? I don’t want to be tacky- but also think this could save a good bit of money.

The trend is that about 50% of couples are doing online RSVP snow.
There is really no wrong answer.

From Cassy: If its OK to add a leaflet about a welcome party in the invitation suite, why is it bad form to add the reception invitation to the suite? Why do people recommend mailing them separately?

Reception insert should be a separatecard, but not a different envelope!

Links We Referenced

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, you don’t want it to look like a 3rd grade craft project. Right? You want it to look professional, even if you DIY’d it. There’s a lot of tutorials on YouTube, certain stationers that assist with DIY, you can find people on instagram. You will save money this way. that go the DIY route, regret it, jump on board with a professional, and then they’re paying rush fees.” - Claire

_“You are hosting a wedding for these guests. You do not need to be explaining things in different terminologies for different guests. That is a phone call. If they ask, that is a text message.” - Claire
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