#152 Festivals, Food Trucks & Weddings


July 17th, 2019

58 mins 53 secs

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Desirée Adams is a wedding planner in Upstate New York who creates heirloom occasions for modern couples. After seven years producing high-level events for internationally-recognized companies in Washington, DC, she took a break to focus on her young children. But she couldn't stay away for long. Three years and three moves later, she founded Verve Event Co. in 2017.

Focusing on efficiency and artful design, Desirée helps couples enjoy planning their modern wedding so they still have time for #allthethings. For her, life is too short to waste it on moments without meaning.

Big Takeaways
Though the idea of having your favorite band play your wedding might be super dreamy, keep in mind they might not know all they need to bring and be ready for. It is important to be sure the communication is excellent there, because unless they are a proper wedding band they probably aren’t thinking about the logistics.

They also likely are not local, so there is the need to consider the costs of travel, lodging, av equipment, etc.

If you are going for the wedding festival feel, the main focus is usually on the music. Food trucks can be a fun alternative to catering. The guests can wander between food and the band. However, with the trucks there is no formal time aside for toasts. So it is important to think about the structure of the whole day. Food trucks do have a higher per person cost, since guests should be allowed to go up multiple times. It’s important to think about how the trash will be collected, will you hire bussers? Without a proper catering team, you must be thinking about all the elements of the night.

It’s super important to consider the space you are doing this festival wedding in. Weather happens! Be in a space that allows some craziness, drainage for a downpour, room for the guests to wander, etc.

Have a plan b and a plan c in case it does rain!

Safety and security are huge if you’re planning something like this.

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Facebook, instagram, pinterest: @verveeventco

*Quotes: *
“As a planner, we’re able to give these couples the time back with their family and friends.” - Desiree

“If possible, I would have multiple food trucks, so there aren’t lines.” - Desiree

[On having someone come out and measure the space] “…then you know if you can actually fit or not… That’s their job, to understand what their risks are of having your event in such an area.” -Desiree

“If you’re having a wedding festival-ish wedding, you’re not doing it to have a wedding, you’re doing it to have that festival concert experience.” - Desiree

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