#239 Opposites do attract, and can plan a wedding together


March 3rd, 2021

1 hr 8 mins 21 secs

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If you and your partner were able to take a personality type indicator test, you would learn a lot about each. You would also, approach wedding planning differently. Actually, you would likely approach your relationship differently. Christy & Michelle took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment and were quite surprised by some of the results given to them by the Couple's Coach, Chelsea Winer.

Chelsea Winer, soon to be Chelsea Lombrozo, is a trained leadership and communication expert that elevates couples from good to great. Guided by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment, Chelsea coaches couples to help ease the stress of wedding planning and to better communicate with each other. Her mission is to unite couples by providing the perfect blend of tangible takeaways plus reflective resources to make a lasting impact on your relationship. Consider Chelsea your personal couples coach!

Big Takeaways

  • No matter your personality type, come from a place of patience and understanding. There is no wrong combination of types, but respect is what ultimately works.
  • When you are taking the assessment, think of you in every aspect of your life. And pick answers based off of what comes most naturally to you.
  • Pre-martial coaching is a wonderful way to understand how to work the best way possible with your partner.
  • With MBTI, it is important that the words and types have their own meanings and weight behind them. Someone like Chelsea can be very important to help you fully understand because she has studied and become certified in this field.
  • There is no magic combo that makes the best couple. The most important thing is to learn how to communicate with each other. Know how to compromise, listen, and understand each other.
  • Without understanding each other’s minds and where all the choices are coming from, or at least allowing room for curiosity and exploration, you may find certain blocks and disagreements with your partner. But the good thing is knowledge is power. And someone like Chelsea, and something like the MBTI can really help you understand each other.

Links We Referenced
ChelseaCoachesYou.com (Use Code: BIGWEDDING for 15% off services)
Chelsea on Instagram

“Weddings are the first of many things you have to do as a couple.” - Chelsea
“Sometimes we can even surprise ourselves, or balance ourselves [...], sometimes being with someone who is different from us can be really helpful.” - Chelsea
“The end result is you are going to get married. Let’s enjoy the process along the way.” - Chelsea

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