#153 Race & Representation In The Wedding Industry


July 24th, 2019

57 mins 29 secs

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In this special episode, we have the talented wedding planner, Tamara Jones. After a very poignant email from listener, Felicia Reid, we hope to begin to address some of the glaring roadblocks and differences that appear as a person of color planning a wedding. As well as address ways that all of us can help increase inclusivity in the wedding world.

Big Takeaways

As we continue the dialogue, we must ask the questions of inclusivity and experience up front. There needs to be more visibility. If the photographer doesn’t know how to shoot skin color that isn’t white, why would you hire him for a wedding for people of color? It’s important to vet, and that makes the pool of vendors smaller for sure.

Even if you are a cis straight white couple, it would be powerful and extremely important for the future of weddings to only hire those who are comfortable, and trained to work with all types of clients. For the last several years, the same dozen or so wedding planners have won “best wedding planner” awards, and of those dozen, there are never any people of color represented.

The website will be the first look at any vendor, and knowing that who you connect with is what you expected to connect with is helpful! Since it’s such a large search with tons of result, it might be nice to look for vendors that have employees that look like you, or have copy that speaks to you, and then go from there.

Overall, some of the most important qualities to be looking for are consciousness, openness and authenticity.

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“You don’t see bridal magazines that feature black models. You don’t see bridal magazines or bridal websites that feature black couples. If you do see a black bride, usually it’s an interracial couple. Or you rarely see her with her natural texture. Or an advertisement about her skin or her makeup. So there’s a lot of things that we don’t see as representation in the bridal world.” - Tamara

“People really have to be open, and I think that’s really the crux of what inclusivity is.” - Tamara

“There’s so much talent in the world that it doesn’t all have to look like you, but it has to represent you.” - Tamara

“It’s important to be uncomfortable!” - Michelle

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